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Par MARIE GUERILLON, publié le mardi 7 mai 2019 21:29 - Mis à jour le mardi 7 mai 2019 22:20

After a good trip by coach we had dinner at school yesterday evening. It was gorgious : french fries, fricadel (one of their speciality) and ice cream. We were quite tired to reach penpals' place.

At 8.30, this mornaing, after a single speed bicycle ride (we live dangerousely angel)pupils had P.E class and the French were impressive. Then they had a lesson about Rijksmuseum and tis masterpieces. Now Rembrandt and Vermeer have no secrets for them anymore. 

Then lunchtime : everybody tried dutch sandwiches.

Before spending time in family, kids painted plates in Delft Blue style.

Ils avaient l'air bien dans leur assiette smiley


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